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used concrete pumps

used concrete pumps

used concrete pumps

used concrete pumps

discount heavy equipment

discount heavy equipment

used concrete pumps

discount heavy equipment

discount heavy equipment

used concrete pumps

Discount Equipment SPECIALS

United Equipment Sales can SAVE YOU MONEY a broad range of used concrete line pumps for sale from Putzmeister America, Schwing America, Multiquip, Mayco, REED, Olin, SANY and many more. United Equipment Sales also specializes in a full line of accessories, including concrete pumping hoses, clamps, gaskets, shotcrete nozzles, concrete hose nozzles, steel pipe accessories, plaster pumping hose and a full line of hose reducers. For affordable heavy equipment and construction machinery, United Equipment Sales can save you thousands of dollars with repossessed, refurbished and used line pumps, cement mixers, plaster pumping equipment, used concrete mixers, grout pumps, discount concrete trailer pumps, mortar mixers and shotcrete pumps. Since we specialize in hoses of all sizes, we can even provide you with refurbished concrete hose with custom fit nozzles. Most used line pumps come with 40 feet of hose.

Fireproofing Spray Pump

Plaster Fireproof Hydraulic Grout Mudjack Acoustic Drywall Repair

SALE PRICE: UE-30 portable unit for most construction and repair applications, multi-functional.

Pump and Sprayer All-in-One EIFS, Stuccos, Acoustic Drywall, Plaster
Fireproofing, Mudjack Hydraulic Grout pump and concrete leveling slabjack.

Specifications Sheet
Pumps up to 30 bags / hour plaster
drywall stucco; 60 Gallon hopper 2L6 design.

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UE-30 delivers also click-see Multi488 unit. Both will out-last competition 220V single phase or 3 phase and it draws less than 30 amps. Runs off of a 10000 or greater watt generator. Variable speed adjustment knob easy set to any speed.

Putzmeister SP-11 Hydraulic Pump / Mixer Combo Concrete Mortar Plaster Fireproofing Grout Mudjacking

United Equipment has used and Like-New discount refurbished Putzmeister SP-11 mixers in stock ready to ship.
USED - Special
Price $16,500
CALL (503) 283-2105
Putzmeister SP-11 is multi-functional as material flows through a flap in the bottom of the mixer into the portable built-in hopper.
Specification includes 3-cylinder Kubote engine, aggregate 6mm, 2-cylinder-compressor.


Putzmeister SP-11 is multi-functional as material flows through a flap in the bottom of the mixer into the portable built-in hopper.
Specification includes 3-cylinder Kubote engine, aggregate 6mm, 2-cylinder-compressor.

We offer afforable Putzmeister SP-11 portable mixers / pump combo great for mudjacking, plaster fireproofing, concrete, mortar construction and repair projects.

Used & Like-New equipment discounts SAVE YOU MONEY.
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Spray Force Pump combo Mixer Portable Sprayer Price $9,850

The Spray King Portable Sprayer great choice for your spraying and pumping needs. Variety of finishes including plaster fireproofing, drywall orange peel, splater, knock down, popcorn and stucco. Full hydraulic control pump for mudjacking, concrete leveling and repairs. Variable speed controls multi-functional pump and sprayer

USED Spray King Hydraulic Pump Grout Plaster Drywall Sprayer

Pole gun
40 Gallon Stainless steel hopper
13.5 HP engine with electric start
19 CFM compressor
2L4 Rotor and stator material pump
75 feet of hose with air control line
30” dual purpose pole gun with 5 tips
62 inches
30 inches
34 inches
400 lbs.
  Click Here Manufacturer's Spec

Putzmeister Tommy Gun A3 Plaster Pump Fireproofing Tag Diesel

Maximum volume 6.7 yd3/hr pumping 45 bags/hr,
Material cylinder Diameter 3.5",
Diesel 37 hp Hatz, Hopper capacity 9 ft3,
Outlet diameter 2"
Special Price:

Whiteman ESSICK Mortar Mixers
engine Honda 13HP gas, 12 cu ft drum capacity, hydraulic towable ready to go.
Mixes Cement
Mortar, Gunite
Poly and Steel Drum Mixers
Special Price: $4,200
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

Mayco ST-30 Concrete Pump

Mayco ST-30 pumps concrete, shotcrete and gunite mixer at 30 yards per hour, 1 1/2" minus aggregate shotcrete, hydraulic pressure 750 psi pumping, engine 47HP Deutz, Hopper attached & remote control.
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

Like NEW Special Price: $18,000

Putzmeister MP 35 Pump

We have Putzmeister MP 35 and powerful IMER Step-Up 120 mixers mortar pumps for SALE. Top quality ergonomic cement mixers gunite and mortar plaster pumps.
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

The Step Up comes complete with the compressor, mixer, application gun kit, and 100 ft. of 35mm hose. The Step-Up comes standard with an IM25L stator which can handle 3/8 inch aggregate and produce 6.6 GPM and 450psi of pumping pressure. Jobsite setup is quick and easy, all it takes is 20 amps. of 220v single phase power. Most of our competitors require 3 phase power or over 50 amps of single phase.

The Step Up 120 has a IM25l stator rotor which is turned by a 3 h.p. motor which is coupled to a direct drive reduction gearbox, this system delivers plenty of torque and eliminates costly maintenance and down time. The fit, finish, construction, and performance of the Step Up 120 is second to none.

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Apart from this, the MP 35 is a typical Putzmeister mixer pump. It can be dismantled into construction units that are easy to carry and it handles all types of ready-mix mortar - from the sack, silo or container is unbelievably compact.

It is ideal for internal plasters,gypsum/ gypsum-lime plaster, external rendering lime / lime-cement and insulating plasters, floor-screed, bonding mortar as well as reinforcement mortars.

Concrete HOSES & Steel Pipe SALES
Shotcrete / Gunite / Grouting

SALES Heavy Duty concrete pumping HOSES fabric 3100 psi burst rated, shotcrete booms STEEL PIPE, hose, spray nozzles,
spray guns, clamps accessories. Click Details
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

Putzmeister TK 2045 Concrete Trailer Pump SALE

Putzmeister TK 2045 Concrete Pumps SALE CALL (503) 283-2105 concrete pumping Putzmeister shotcrete 40 yards per hour, aggregate 1.5" gunite dry mix, wet process, Deutz 68HP engine, remote controller, 5" outlet max. Putzmeister TK 2045 concrete trailer pump with hydraulic outriggers. Very good condition with hydraulic agitator, cable and wireless remotes.

Used - SLU Pro80
Self Leveling Underlayment Pump

Manufacturer: Allentown
(A Putzmeister Company)
Easy to disassemble and move on-site, the recently upgraded SLU PRO 80 mixer/pump from Allentown Shotcrete Technology, Inc., is optimized for self-leveling underlayment (SLU). Two people can carry the components and assemble it without any tools.

SALES CALL (503) 283-2105
Model specifications include outputs up to 21 gpm (80 lpm) or 220 bags per hour, pressures up to 215 psi (15 bar) and an on-board water booster pump. An optional air compressor is available for spraying light and medium density fireproofing materials.
Special Price:

Drywall Texture Plaster Sprayer SALES

TS650 afforable texture sprayer acoustic mud, drywall interior refinishing and repairs new construction and moderate commercial jobs. Hopper upto 5 Gallons.
Priced $595 + shipping
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

TS900 top quality texture sprayer mud, accoustic drywall interiors, commercial up to 8 Gallons, high capacity on-board air compressor 40psi. RotoFlex texture pump easy controls, hoses & spray gun included. Priced $1159 + shipping
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

Multi488 heavy duty plaster, grout, drywall, fireproofing mud pump / texture sprayer combo - portable.

Multi488 powerful 10HP to 30HP engine CFM 11 Cubic Feet per Minute Tank 40 Gal Split, Pump Super2L4 1500psi, Tire 15” Sizes, Weight 750 lbs, Hoses 1”x75” w/air Line, PoleGun 30” SF100, 4 Tips. Multi-functional mud pump mixer sprayer combo portable.
Priced $6900 + shipping

United Continuous Mixer Electric

220 Volt, Single Phase,
17 Amp, used for mixing cement and similar materials
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105
Weekly Special Price:

Putzmeister P 22 Mortar Mixer Shotcrete

The MP 22 is the small, simple mixer pump for painters, refurbishes, smaller jobs, novices in the plastering trade or just simply for the small job in between. It has nevertheless all the advantages of a high-value mixer pump and reliably handles for all dry mixed mortars.
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105
Click Here for the Manufacturer's Spec Sheet
Special Price:

Olin Concrete Pump Hydraulic with Mixer

Olin 5-45 2003 Only 1220 hours. Deutz Diesel Engine. Ball Valve Style Pump. Rated at 53 yards per hour. Radio Remote Control. Engine Linear Throttle Control. Rexroth Hydraulic Pump great for shotcrete, gunite, concrete. Excellent Condition Shipping available.
Contact more info: 503-283-2105
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Putzmeister Sprayboy P 12

The small fine plastering machine that mixes, pumps and sprays. Ideal for bonding mortar, thin layer plasters, refractory mortar etc. Just the right machine for building preservationists, stucco plasterers, refurbishing companies, but also for painters.
Click Here for the Manufacturer's Spec Sheet
SALES CALL (503) 283-2105
Special Price:

Like new Shotcrete Pump Concrete Mixer
Putzmeister TK30 Concrete Pump
REPO SALE WHILE IT LASTS - Deutz diesel engine

The TK 30 Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump brings the same powerful performance to a job site as the rest of the Thom-Katt® family.

It’s ideal for mortar and block fill, masonry grouting, pumping stem walls and shotcrete applications. The TK 30 has pressures up to 1,150 psi, offers a dual hydraulic circuit, 3-function remote control, a reliable, highly efficient S-Valve design and much more.

SALES CALL (503) 283-2105

Click Here for the Manufacturer's Spec Sheet

Weekly Special Price: $31,500

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