Mar 31

Maintenance Tips for Gunite/Dry-mix Equipment

A little planning and precaution always goes a long way in the success of a project and the life of your equipment.

For any given job, a gunite contractor and its crew will have, as a very minimum, to operate and maintain a gunite machine, a material nozzle and hose, water hose, air compressor and an air hose.

Lubrication is an essential part of maintenance

A good part of maintenance on new and used machines will involve regularly oiling various part of your equipment and replacing certain parts over time. That’s just the reality of operating heavy equipment! Another good thing to remember is that every part of the machine that touches material flowing through it will wear out the fastest. So let’s see what some of these are.

If you have a bowl-type gunite machine, you will eventually have to replace the wear plate, the wear pad and material outlet. But before you get to that point, you will need to oil the pockets of the bowl after having cleaned it first after each job so that you don’t get material accumulation. If you have a steel bowl, you will need to use a hammer and something like a chisel to dislodge dried leftover material. If you have a steel/poly bowl, flip it on its belly and pound it  all over using a rubber mallet then chip any small pieces left, after every job.

Over time, the wear plate will also start to degrade. How can you tell?  Grooves will be showing up on the plate and/or in the pocket surfaces which can affect the rotation of the plate. When this happens, you should have a company resurface the plate.

Another part that will also show sign of deterioration is the wear pad due to its contact with the material. Don’t wait to replace it because it will cause faster wearing out of the wear plate if left damaged. It will also affect the quality of the air flow into the system.

DON’T: Tighten the hold clamp to try to extend the life of the wear!
DO:  Replace the wear pad as soon as it shows signs of slight deterioration.

There is also a piece of felt that protects the wear plate from the bottom of the hopper that should be lubricated until it becomes flexible and seal. No need to take anything apart to reach the felt, just use the holes in the hopper to do the lubricating. Having well oiled seals will prevent dust from escaping and create a safer work environment for your crew.

DON’T: Ignore an accumulation of dust next to your gunite machine. This is a sign that something is not working properly and needs to be checked.
DO: Replace the felt piece with a new one.

What about the air motor? The air lines comes with a filter and lubricator. Without the filter, the air that goes into the motor wouldn’t be clean and the lubricator puts a small amount of oil into the air. Both are required for the motor to function properly. As with all filters, you will need to check it to see whether or not they need to be replaced. Make sure to regularly inspect and adjust the oil level of the air lubricator.

Most gunite machines are connected to a gear box which will also need to be oiled. Some models come with an exhaust chamber that needs to be emptied out on a daily basis. The idea is to remove anything that could end up in the hopper base and could prevent rotation in the feed bowl.

DON’T: ever reach inside the hopper with your hands or arms while the air line is connected because the agitator could be moving.

DO: Connect an extra exhaust hose to the machine to bring down even more the level of dust on the job site.


What about hose accessories and nozzle maintenance?
The one more important piece to take care of in a nozzle is the water ring, usually made of brass or aluminum. You must inspect the tiny holes in the ring before starting any job and make sure there is nothing clogging them from a previous job. When cleaning the holes is no longer possible it is time to replace the ring.

DO: coat the water ring with some oil for extra protection
DON’T: ever drill holes in the water ring if the original holes are no longer working.

To eliminate any potential defects which cannot be seen by visual examination or in order to determine certain characteristics of the hose while it is under internal pressure, we suggest you conduct non-Destructive Hose Pressure Tests

Airplaco PG25 Gunite Machine

If you are looking for a  great gunite machine for your next job, give us a call at 503-281-2105 and we can help you find a perfect fit.

Jan 30

United Equipment Sales Expands Its Operations!

Moving into a new home is considered to be a life event, but when you move 40 years of business, a warehouse and its entire inventory, it takes a move to an entire new level! So when we decided to move to a new and larger facility, we knew that it would temporarily disrupt our business so we chose a quieter period. We ended up not only expanding our working space, but also upgrading some of our office equipment, software that was in serious need of upgrade. More space means more machines, more business, more custom repair which have kept us busy, busy, busy!  And that’s a good thing!

So, we have put together a short video tour of our new 13,000 sq ft facility. You’ll get to meet Dick Hibbard, a.k.a. Mr. Concrete Pump! See our certified mechanics take concrete pumps in dire need of TLC and bring them back to life!

Our PARTS SHOP has everything you need!

Parts Shop

Clamps, couplings, reducers, gaskets, nozzles, elbows, adapters, welded groove ends, hoses of all sizes and much more…


Rich runs the repair Shop






Talk to Rich in our Repair Services if your pumps or hoses need to be repaired or have some custom work done.

Our staff is here to serve you and your business.

Meet The Team!

Our company mascot and official greeter couldn’t make it for the group photo, so here she is in her command post:


 If you are in the area, come by and visit us, we would love to see you!
Or call us at: (503)283-2105


May 15

Save Money on Concrete Hose Accessories

Concrete hoses

Concrete and plaster pumping equipment and hoses especially, get a lot of wear and tear over the course of many jobs. Replacing hoses can be expensive and is not always necessary. Did you know that you can have your used hoses repaired for a fraction of the price of a new one? This goes beyond the usual servicing, because needed parts are actually replaced and tested.

United Equipment Sales can save you money on your existing concrete equipment by having us do any of the following repairs:

 Install a new weld-on end (metal ring part) to convert your regular hose to a heavy duty hose out of it. We fill the grove with steel so it takes longer to wear it through. They come in different sizes from 5” to 1 1/2 “ to fit all your needs. There are different types: heavy-Duty, Metric, Grooved, Male/Female. Each one is machined on computer-controlled equipment from quality carbon steels.

Install a new clamp and snap couplings
Grooved, heavy-duty & metric, both non-adjustable and some adjustable sizes. All of our clamps have been redesigned with very “user-friendly” handles and come with gaskets and safety pins. They are also all steel construction (not ductile iron), for added strength and gold colored zinc coating or painted green.

Install a ferrule (metal end) When have a bad end, we cut off the hose behind the original ferule and replace it with a new stem and internally expand it into the ferule (which grabs the hose on both sides so that it can’t back up).   We can use a heavy duty or a threaded end. If you need an adaptor, we also manufacture our own with threaded end, with coupling. Size vary from 2 “ to 1 ½”.

Slabjacking accessories

You can also replace different sizes of shotcrete nozzles for shotcreting tunnels and swimming pools. They come in 2 sizes: 1 ½” to 2 ½” nozzles with tips. They can get really worn out after many jobs.

NOTE: a clean out ball should always be used after every job to make sure that you get 99,9% of the cement out of the hose. This will extend the life of your hose and equipment.

The good news is that we ship anywhere in the world. Most of the cases we can turn around your order in less than 3 days depending on the amount the work needed. Accessories can be shipped the same day.

See video on our UnitedEquipmentSales Youtube channel.

Check our complete list of pump accessories at: 

Or call our repair service at (503)283-2105 to get an estimate or more information.