Aug 16


Putzmeister-TK303 concrete line pump

In difficult economic times, we all need to learn to do more with less. This often means extending the life of our equipment by treating it with a little extra TLC. Prevention is the key.

Here are a few tips everyone should follow to do just that with concrete pumps:

 1.      Grease your machine

Main parts: lubrication of pump’s pivot points
Frequency: approximately every 2 hours of use

Note: Failure to grease your pump could result in potential failure of bearings and bushings, breaking down of equipment on the job, loss of productivity, costly repairs…

2.      Check fluid levels

Minimum: hydraulic oil, engine oil & slosh box
Frequency: Daily before starting the job.
Since it only takes a minute, don’t skip this step. Start making it part of your job routine.

3. Clean the pump

Areas: Pump water through the pump and the hose simultaneously.
Frequency: End of job/daily

Note: This isn’t something you can postpone, depending on the temperatures, concrete can harden in the pump and hoses anywhere from 0-2hrs!

4. Hire an experienced operator

There are many advantages to have an experienced operator.
Here are a just a few:

a. Safety on the job:  Knowing how to quickly react to pumping problems is paramount. It can save lives.

b. Proper hose connection (many deadly accidents have happened because of this).

c. Overall inspection of pump and hoses prior to starting the job.

5. Follow the manual’s procedure

Take a moment to scan through the manual that came with your pump. Only dealers will provide you with a manual when purchasing a used pump (brokers don’t always do) so if you are serious about your work, contact a dealer first. They will stand by their products and will help you make a more educated decision.

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Aug 10

4 Questions to ask when buying a used concrete pump


Used concrete pump Mayco ST-30


Whether you are a home owner looking to make some home improvements, a general/subcontractor or a concrete pumper, having good and reliable tools will make all the difference on the job, whether or not you can complete it in time and within the budget. So here are a few questions you should be asking when researching to buy a used concrete pump:

1. What is the pump capability for the job requirements?

a. What is the right volume/yard per hour (yph) you need
If you don’t get this right, the pump will operate too slowly.

b. What is the maximum aggregate size?
If you don’t get this right, you won’t be able to get the job done, you risk
incurring thousands of dollars in equipment repair, you could blow a hose
fitting, endanger your work crew and you could also damage nearby property!
So make sure you get this one right!

c.  What is the proper hose system?
If you don’t have the right hose diameter or length, you won’t be able to get
the job done. Too large aggregate could plug the hose and damage the pump.
If you don’t have the right hose length, you will delay the start of the project
having to locate and purchase the correct length hose. You get the idea…

2. What is the condition of the used pump?
This is by no means a perfect science since used pumps don’t come with
maintenance papers but you can get some idea of usage is left. The appearance
of the pump will provide some indication of previous maintenance work.
Parts wear out over time…

3. What is the age and the number of hours the pump has been used?
Depending on the number of jobs you have lined up, you will need to know this
before deciding the best brand/model for you.

4. Can I get a price comparison between a new and used concrete pump?
Based on your budget and the volume of jobs you anticipate, make sure to do the
math before you buy so that what you get will fit your future needs.

These are some of the most important questions you need to ask. They should
cover most of your bases and help make an educated decision based on important information.

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