Friedrich Schwing Sr. – Visionary, Pioneer and Hall of Fame Inductee

Friedrich Schwing Sr.

Photo Courtesy of Schwing America, Inc.

It is rare that an entire industry can emerge from one man’s life work and dedication. When it comes to concrete production and handling equipment, the name and reputation of SCHWING is not only a household name but it is mostly stands out for its innovation and superior quality.

It all started in 1934, when Friedrich Schwing Sr. (1909-1992) started SCHWING GmbH, a manufacturing firm in West Germany. With over 1200 patents to his name, it was time to start building! It is hard to imagine that most buildings and high-rises that were constructed before the 1950’s were built hauling buckets of concrete! The amount of labor and inefficiencies that resulted from it, inspired Friedrich Schwing Sr. to come up with the first modern concrete pump! He chose an all-hydraulic, twin-cylinder pump that not only delivered amazing speed of placement but also allowed pumping at record heights (over 1665 ft at the One World Trade Center, for instance). Two words can describe what he achieved: faster and higher concrete pumping!

Knowing that technology alone won’t guaranty a company’s success, he made sure that his sons (Friedrich and Gerhard) received a proper education in management so that they could take care of the daily operations which happened in 1982. This also means that he could now spend more time focusing on what he did best, designing more engineering solutions.

Safety On the Job

In 1974, SCHWING America, Inc. and its 400,000 square foot manufacturing plan were created in Minnesota bringing not only German innovation and performance to America but also greater safety for all concrete operators. This was done thru the creation of safety guidelines and numerous seminars and participation in committees and boards.

In 2012, Schwing’s reputation and success lead to a merger with XCMG, China’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment. An alliance that benefited both parties as they continue to grow.

As a result, in November 2013, Friedrich Schwing Sr. was inducted into the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Hall of Fame. In the words of the president of the American Concrete Pumping Association: “He will be remembered a pioneer and a Thomas Edison of the modern concrete machinery business” .

Dick Hibbard, a.k.a Mr. Concrete Pump!

With over 40 years in the industry, United Equipment Sales has seen and refurbished its share of worn out concrete pumps, so we can tell you from experience, that Schwing pumps are truly some of the best built concrete pumps on the market. Watch a short video hosted by Dick Hibbard as he explains why Schwing pumps are so amazing and worth the investment.

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