Oct 09

The Schwing SP1000 – The Workhorse of the Concrete Industry

We are featuring this pump because it is one of the toughest, most reliable fuel efficient trailer concrete pump on the market. It is without any doubt one of the best built pump. This shouldn’t come as a surprise from Schwing, the company who invented the first concrete pump and as a result revolutionized the entire industry*.

So what makes this machine so great? It can pump 70 cubic yard per hour, it produces 1100 psi maximum pressure and uses a maximum aggregate size of 1.5 inch.

It is powered by a 139 horse power diesel engine, 35 pump stroke per minute max. This all-hydraulic concrete pump provides optimal fuel efficiency. Its lack of electronics makes it ideal for projects for humid regions and cold locations like Alaska, British Columbia. The hydraulic system is open loop, produces 4350 psi. It comes with a 70 gallon hydraulic tank, a standard hopper agitator and a 11 cubic feet hopper. The trailer unit also comes with a remote control and a 100 foot cable that  convenient to the operator and weighs 7580 pounds.

The Long Rock Valve™ provides better filling efficiency for the material cylinders. It can handle harsh mixes, shotcrete and grout and allows for a fast clean out with less water.

What is this pump designed for? Bridge work, apartment building, high rise work. Remember, it can pump over 1000 ft and over 400 ft straight up!

Dick Hibbard

Learn more about this amazing pump in this short video: Discover the Schwing SP1000X.
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