Best Concrete Pumps for Building a Gunite Pool

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Since we are experiencing one of the worse winter in decades in most of the US, we thought we would talk about swimming pools! Native Americans do rain dances during droughts, we will invoke milder weather through visions of gorgeous swimming pools!

In terms of types of swimming pools, gunite pools are, by far, one of the most popular types of pools built in the US. One of the reasons is that they are super durable and can be built in any shape or size. To build a gunite pool there are basically 9 steps you must follow, they are:

  1. Obtain permits
  2. Design layout
  3. Excavate
  4. Put plumbing in place
  5. Assemble & lay the steel framework
  6. Spray the concrete shell
  7. Apply finish coat
  8. Lay Tile/coping stone
  9. Place decking and pool finish

Since they are many other good articles that cover steps 1 through 4 and 8-9, we will focus on the gunite process itself. Once the framework grid has been assembled and laid (using 3/8 inch steel rebars), you are now ready to spray a thick coating of gunite (a mixture of cement, sand and water), around the reinforcing rods that are usually spaced 10 inches apart and secured by wire. The concrete sprayer machine combines the dry mix with water just before spraying.

After the shell is applied, a crew will smooth out the surface using trowels and let it sit for about a week before adding a finish coat because the surface will be rough and uncomfortable to the touch. At this point, some companies wet down the shell once or twice a day for a week to help the curing process. There are many types of finish like tile, fiberglass but plaster is one of the most popular ones (a mixture of marble sand and cement), and concrete paint is another good option.

Now that we are a little clearer on the overall process what are some of the best concrete pumps for the job? We recommend the following:

The Mayco LS-400 Concrete Pump

Mayco LS400






The Olin 545-65 

Olin 565 Concrete Pump







The Reed B50 HP 

A Reed B50 ready to ship








The Schwing BPA 450-500

Schwing BPA-500 concrete pump








The Putzmeister TK40-50

Putzmeister TK40








So, why these pumps?
First, they are all medium size pumps, so they can easily being towed behind a pickup truck carrying all the needed hoses and accessories.

Second, these models are not only easy and quick to setup, they also have a low hose pulsation, meaning the hose doesn’t vibrate or shake very much and greater safety for the crew.

In terms of power, they can output 7-15 yards per hour, so you will have more than you need.  Another important advantage these four models offer is the ability to pump long distances, no matter how far your ready mix truck happens to be parked on the street. You get perfect mobility which is always a plus for this type of job.

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